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Once we met the Sears and they showed us some of the other homes they built, we were so impressed with how professional and personable they both were that we decided to start the process. We have lived in our house that the Sears built since July 2001. It was a wonderful experience and I would do it again. They were up front with us on everything and for a while I spoke to Lisa every day.

Davison, MI

Since our home was built we have become friends and I believe we will be friends for many years to come. Everyone who comes into our house is so very impressed with the quality and workmanship. My husband and I love to go home every day. Our children are thrilled with our beautiful new home. All the people that Jerry and Lisa had us work with during the construction of our home bent over backwards to work with my husband and I.

Grand Blanc, MI

Jerry's uncompromising commitment to quality and Lisa's ability to manage the home building process make them an unbeatable team. I'll probably build another home in my lifetime and it will be with Signet Residential.

Ortonville, MI


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